More efficient private markets benefit all participants in the ecosystem. Tangent works with allocators, fund managers, consultants, third party marketers, distributors and other intermediaries to accelerate intelligent investments and capital formation.


All funds are capacity constrained, either by market size, competition, or bandwidth; as a result, we believe that the best investment opportunities often reside in mid-sized, but well established, fund managers.

We assist allocators by identifying, evaluating, and suggesting institutional quality managers that are typically smaller, and lesser known, than the famous names. We combine many decades of cumulative experience across hedge, private equity and real assets; a global relationship network; deep appreciation of the subtleties of a client’s investment needs; and use of diverse propriety databases, mining systems, and cross-checking to generate high-confidence candidates that may not appear through typical screening processes.

Asset Managers

The future of private fund raising is in new distribution networks, “platforms,” new product types, and better liquidity options. And the future is now.

Tangent advises select fund managers and distributors on how to leverage these developments for specific channels and fund types, and then helps implement the resulting go-to-market plans. Whether the target is institutional investors or high net worth individuals, US or global, we can develop strategies for maximally efficient asset gathering. 


We are big believers in the network effect: the more participants, the more value to all. Our model is built for cooperation and mutual benefit.  We seek to work with third party marketers, consultants, broker-dealers, and other distributors and intermediaries to facilitate their goals and the goals of their clients.