Tangent Capital Partners LLC (“the Company”) considers privacy an essential aspect of our customer relationships*. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of our current, prospective and former customers' information.

The Company collects, uses and maintains non-public personal information about our clients only where The Company reasonably believes it would be useful to the customer and allowed by law. The information, which includes addresses, phone numbers, social security or tax payer identification numbers, income and net worth and personal financial objectives, may be received from you directly, from a consultant or another professional having a relationship with you, and from due diligence documents, subscription documents and/or correspondence we receive from processing your transactions with us, as well as providing services to you.

The Company does not disclose customer's or former customer's non-public personal information to any unaffiliated entities, unless authorized by you or your representative (i.e. accountant, attorney), as permitted by law, or if necessary to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

The Company maintains appropriate procedural, electronic and technical safeguards that comply with federal standards to prevent any unauthorized dissemination of non-public, personal information, including policies and procedures designed to assure only authorized access to, and use of information about, customers of the Company.

If you have any questions about our Client Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

* For purposes of this notice, the terms “customer” or “customers” includes both individuals who acquire products or services from the Company and individuals who provide nonpublic personal information to, but do not acquire products or services from the Company.