Tangent is the U.S. Broker Dealer for Institutional Investor’s ManagerMatch service (formerly,  RFI), through which approximately $12.5 billion has been allocated from a network of over 2,100 institutions in 103 countries. 

A key aspect of ManagerMatch is that allocators can source ideas and evaluations from searches that peer institutions have conducted.  After an allocator submits a confidential mandate, Institutional Investor and Tangent assist in refining the specifications and then respond with a short list of candidates derived from other allocators’ assessments, proprietary research from leading sector consultants, and Institutional Investor’s own database. 

The system is typically used to supplement an allocator’s existing manager origination processes and often for less familiar strategies and geographies.  It is designed to make the allocation process as efficient as possible for all members of the private capital ecosystem, including existing advice providers and distributors.  The service is offered at no charge to qualified allocators; while managers and distributors pay a fee to participate only if they receive an allocation.

Allocators, managers, consultants and distributors desiring further information should contact us.