Investment Opportunities

Tangent’s clients include some of the world’s top performing investment managers and corporate firms from technology, manufacturing and other industries. Our engagements include:

  • Raising assets for alternative fund managers.
  • Representing clients and investors in middle market M&A transactions.
  • Representing corporate entities in capital raising initiatives.
  • Consulting to hedge funds, private equity firms, commercial real estate firms, and major exchange participants.


Fund of Funds Asset Raise: 

Engagement to raise assets for Fund of Funds investing primarily in 'niche oriented' hedge strategies to exploit structural inefficiencies in the market. Capital raised from institutional investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

Corporate Capital Infusion:

Engagement to raise capital of approximately $30 million for proven European theme park operator to expand business operations in Europe. Capital infusion include both foreign and domestic capital.

Asian Credit Fund:

Provided investment banking services related to sale of middle-market managed Internet Technology service to successfully located strategic buyer.